Gallery as Factory: How is cultural capital produced through immaterial labour?

February 2017

'The purpose of this research, through literary analysis, artist examples and a case study, is to identify the relationship between gallery and factory, in particular investigating how immaterial labour produces cultural capital. Institutional critique is the main methodology used alongside present labour theories such as Post-Fordism and the Hawthorne effect, the essay comments upon issues regarding behaviour in the gallery, exploitation in the gallery and invisible labour in the gallery'

Taken from the Gallery as Factory.



Photography in relation to the Panopticon: An examination of Sophie Calle's Suite Venitienne and Kohei Yoshiyuki's The Park.

March 2016

‘Visibility is a trap’ (Foucault, 1977, 200) is a key concept in photography today, suggesting that being visible can put us under threat of being surveyed and scrutinised. This idea relates to Jeremy Bentham’s design of the Panopticon in 1787. This notion of being seen but never seeing is a concept relevant in society today, through the growing use of CCTV and the voyeuristic gaze, but how can photography be related to the Panopticon?'

Extract from Photography in relation to the Panopticon.